Founded in 2018, Pengo is the global innovator in IT and design.  Our design and engineering experts thrive to integrate aesthetics and technology, providing consumers 3C products with both first-class style and utility.

Brand History:


Pengo Technology Inc. founded in Texas, United Stated.

Pengo launched its first product: [4K HDMI Grabber], supporting microphone input and raw data capture, while maintaining the size of a credit card, breaking the industry’s standard.

Pengo expand its brand to Japan, Europe and worldwide, becoming the global known brand


[1080P Grabber]: Pengo unveils its first HDMI to USB-C external capture card, compatible with the IOS system, pioneering in the IOS market.  


[VideoSync Grabber]: Pengo introduces the VideoSync Grabber, the first capture card supporting FreeSync variable refresh rate monitor in the world, designed specially for PRO streamers with high refresh rate games. At the same time, VideoSync grabber is compatible with any streaming software, allowing users to share high quality content around the world.