Please make sure that your phone is updated to the latest iOS.  Our Lightining to 3.5mm audio cable is MFi certified and thus it should not have any issues.

Our products will not cause breakdown or malfunction of another device.  Each connector, cable, and adapter has its own IC to control its current and power.  That said, using Pengo products will not lead to malfunction of any kind.   The Pengo 18-month warranty does not cover damages, lost, or any accidents that are caused by human factors nor be liable for any misuse or consequential manages.

4K HDMI Grabber has been tested with VLC, QuickTime, PotPlayer, XSplit, OBS, etc.  Please contact us if there is any specific software that you would like to have us to test it with.

Please make sure you are using our USB 3.0 cable included in the package.  There are many USB-A cables in the market and their pin definition might be different.  Our USB Cable is special made for our 4K HDMI Grabber.  To ensure the detection of the 4K HDMI Grabber, we've included our own USB 3.0 cable. 

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