Will the radiation from mobile phones/wireless charger harm your health?

Radiation is inevitable with all the electrical devices we use nowadays.  For example, the microwave, mobile phones, and wireless chargers.  People embrace cutting-edge technology whilst they actually concern about the safety of using it.  Is the radiation of mobile phone/wireless charger the same with the radiation of nuclear power and X-rays? Let us explain it.

First, let’s start by knowing the different types of radiation.  Ionizing radiation refers to those with short wavelengths, more energy, and leads to DNA damage or carcinogenicity.  Such as X-rays and nuclear radiation.  In contrast, non-ionizing radiation is the one with longer wavelengths and less energy.  Fortunately, the radiation produced by electrical appliances in our lives is in the range of non-ionizing radiation.  Non-ionizing radiation will only cause warmth as long as we don’t expose ourselves in the environment with too much heat caused by non-ionizing radiation.  Basically, there’s no harm to our health!

Besides the number of people getting confused with non-ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation.  There are even more rumors and discussions about whether radiation from mobile phones/wireless chargers (non-ionizing radiation) is carcinogenic or not.  In 2010, according to the researches done by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the radiation from mobile phones/wireless chargers is in the frequency band as category 2B, which represents for insufficient epidemiological evidence and limited animal experimental evidence of possible human carcinogens - the same level as kimchi and coffee.

Additionally, researchers suggest that the radiation increases whilst the mobile phone signal is weak.  The farther distance you are from those electrical devices, less radiation you get (when the distance doubles, the intensity of the electromagnetic wave will decrease by 1/4). Therefore, keep a distance from the devices and avoid using the phone when the service is not stable can both be the solution to keep you healthy.

p.s. The electromagnetic wave of the mobile phone will not increase due to the amount of applications you use.  Therefore, the radiation does not increase when using SKYPE to make a phone call!

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Reference: National Communications Commission
Posted Date: 24/8/2020