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Taipei, Taiwan 17 May, 2021 - Pengo today officially releases the new partnership program- Affiliate Program - which allows you to work from home and earn money by simply clicking the APPLY NOW button. The situation has been tough due to COVID and the working circumstances have changed tremendously, therefore, Pengo will help you to re-engage the world. Join the Affiliate Program. There are no specific requirements for applicants, only your passion for technology/gaming/Amazon shopping/social media…etc. Yet, Pengo will help you to fit in the most suitable program for you. The differences between the three partnerships will be elaborated separately below:

Brand Ambassador

Being a Pengo Brand Ambassador, you will get a branding T-shirt as a complimentary. As soon as you receive the T-shirt, wear it and make a creative/impressive post on social media (at least but not limited to one). Meanwhile, you will have the chance to upgrade your streaming/gaming set-up by using the personalized promotion code. Moreover, you can also use the promotion code to have interactions with your audiences, make them feel you are more accessible and authentic which are the most vital characters of becoming a Key Opinion Leader in the world.


Brand Affiliate

To be a Pengo Brand Affiliate, you will get a branding T-shirt, customized promotion code as we mentioned above. In the meantime, an affiliate link from Amazon Associate Program shall be provided by Pengo. You can create your own stylish posts/videos to attract/drive people to your channel and earn commissions from the affiliate link. You will also have the chance to win the commission on top from Pengo.

Brand Long-Term Partnership

Present as Pengo Long-Term Partnership, a free branding T-shirt, exclusive promotion code, the affiliate link is all included. Most excitingly, unreleased products from Pengo, such as our top seller - Grabbers - will be sent to you for review. It enables you to keep your streaming devices up-to-date and gear your channel up with those top-notch electronic gadgets.

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